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Do I need to bring anything specific for the session?

No, you don’t. The best way to approach a session is to come with an open mind and allow
it to unfold.

How long does a session last?

The first session last 1.30 hour, as you will fill out a form and a debrief will be done prior
starting the session.

The second session last 1.15mn. Sessions during the programs last between 1hour and 1.30hour.

How many sessions will I need?

For best results, 6 sessions minimum are recommended, 2 weeks to 1 month apart.

Can sessions be done on ZOOM?

Kinesiology, Reiki and Access Bars are in person sessions.
Any other sessions and programs can be done in person and on Zoom.

What are the payment methods?

Cash, bank transfer and cards are accepted.
2% fee is charged for any payment by card.